New Voting Information

New Voting Information

No-Reason Absentee Voting Is here!

What is "No-Reason Absentee Voting"?

  • Any registered voter can vote by absentee ballot without giving a reason.
  • Any registered voter can be on the Permanent Absentee Voter list to receive the application in the mail automatically before each election.
  • Absentee Voters must apply for absentee ballots before each election (ballots are not sent automatically).


When Can You Get An Absentee Ballot?

  • Last day to request Absentee Ballots by mail; by 4:30pm the Friday before each election.
  • Last day to request Absentee Ballots in-person at the Clerk's Office; the Monday before each election.
  • Clerk's Office will be open 7am-3pm the Saturday before each election.


When Can You Register to Vote?

  • Register by mail or online at a Secretary of State Office: until 15 days prior to each election.
  • Register in person at Clerk's Office from 14 days before each election until 8pm on Election Day.