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Election Results

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2018 Elections
General Election  (Click Here)
08-07-2018 Primary
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2017 Elections
11-07-2017 Special Election (Click Here)
2016 Elections
11-08-2016 General (Presidential) (Click Here)
08-02-2016 Primary (Click Here)
03-08-2016 Presidential Primary (Click Here)
2015 Elections
11-03-2015 Special Election (Click Here)
05-05-2015 Special Election (Click Here)
2014 Elections
11-04-2014 General Election (Click Here)
08-05-2014 Primary (Click Here)
2013 Elections
05-07-2013 School (Click Here)
2012 Elections
11-06-2012 General (Presidential) (Click Here)
09-05-2012 Special Primary (11th Congressional) (Click Here)
08-07-2012 Primary (Click Here)
02-28-2012 Presidential Primary (Click Here)
2011 Elections
11-08-2011 School (Click Here)
05-03-2011 School (Click Here)
2010 Elections
11-02-2010 General (Governor’s Race) (Click Here)
08-03-2010 Primary (Click Here)
2009 Elections
11-03-2009 School (Click Here)
08-04-2009 Special (Township Bond) (Click Here)
2008 Elections
11-04-2008 General (Presidential) (Click Here)
08-05-2008 Primary (Click Here)
01-15-2008 Presidential Primary (Click Here)

Contact the Clerk at: mbanner@twp.northville.mi.us for election results prior to 2008.


Identification Requirements for Voting

Picture ID is required to vote! Every Michigan voter who offers to vote at the polls MUST comply with the requirement by showing picture identification, or signing an affidavit attesting that he or she is not in possession of picture identification (MCL 168.523).

Voters without picture ID: Voters who do not have acceptable picture ID or forgot to bring acceptable picture ID to the polls can vote like any other voter by signing an affidavit.

Acceptable photo identification includes:
-Driver’s license or personal identification card issued by another state.
-Federal or state government-issued photo identification.
-U.S. passport.
-Military identification card with photo.
-Student identification with photo from high school or an accredited institution of higher education.
-Tribal identification card with photo.

If you have any questions on the implementation of this law, please contact the Clerk’s Office at 248-662-0541 or for more election related information, visit: www.michigan.gov/vote.