Township Announces Winning Park Name for 7 Mile Property

Township Announces Winning Park Name for 7 Mile Property

Township Announces Winning Park Name for 7 Mile Property
Posted on 08/21/2020
Bike TrailsNorthville Township has chosen a winning entry for its Name the Park contest.  The Board of Trustees voted 7-0 to designate the 7 Mile Road property Legacy Park of Northville at Thursday’s virtual board meeting. 

The Legacy Park suggestion was submitted by two Northville Township residents, Sharon Hayden and Pam Norcutt, who will share the $200 prize for the winning entry.

Northville Township Clerk Marjorie Banner received more than 100 entries for the contest that began June 20.

“Many came in with explanations about why the name was suggested,” Banner said. “Some tugged at our heartstrings, while others connected history to the park. It was a difficult decision.”

The Legacy Park name stood out because voters in Northville Township approved a 2009 millage to buy the property to preserve and protect the area, Banner said. “It is a legacy for future Township residents, a legacy for our children,” she said.

To choose the winning name, the Township established a park-naming committee to evaluate the submissions. Besides Banner, those involved were:
  • William Sivy, Northville Township Historic District Commission member 
  • Jamie Grabowski, Northville Township resident
  • Jeff Oles, a Motor City Mountain Biking Association member
  • Cyndy Jankowski, treasurer of the Northville Public Schools Board of Education
  • Fred Shadko, Northville Township Treasurer
  • Mark Gasche, Northville Parks & Recreation Director 
Most of the members of the committee were part of the Twenty21 Master Plan for the park and were well aware of why the community bought the property in 2009,” Banner explained.

The committee chose their top three names and whittled the list down until they unanimously agreed, a process that took longer than anticipated, reflecting the quality of the submissions, Banner said.

“We are excited to leave Legacy Park of Northville for future generations of Township residents to enjoy,” she said.

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