Open Communication in Northville Township

Open Communication in Northville Township

Northville Township is Committed to Open Communication
Posted on 09/20/2018
CommunicationNORTHVILLE TOWNSHIP, Mich., September 20, 2018 - Northville Township is committed to being open and transparent, both internally with the Board of Trustees and employees and externally with residents, businesses and community members. 

A key component of transparency is open communication. The Township has recently launched several new methods of communicating information to the community. These methods allow staff to share information about upcoming events, board and commission dates and agendas, special programs and general interest related items. Our Public Safety team also utilizes these methods to assist with sharing information about incidents that have occurred to help inform and educate the community. The information shared by our Public Safety team should not be mistaken as a news outlet or the first source of an incident or emergency.

Our Public Safety team is committed to keeping residents safe. Community members are not privy to the specifics and legalities of on-going investigations and sometimes sharing too much information can hinder an investigation. We need the community to trust the Northville Public Safety team to protect our community and keep us safe.

The Department of Public Safety is officially launching the Nixle Platform on September 21. It will be one additional tool that Northville Township uses to communicate to the community. Nixle will be utilized like the other social medial platforms already in place. Community members can opt in to receive texts or emails when a message is sent out. The Township will continue to use Twitter, Facebook and the Push Notification feature through the Township App to communicate information. Nixle is not a real-time link to dispatch nor does it give continuous updates or more specific information.

"Through Nixle, we will deliver messages securely to citizens by e-mail and cell phone, supporting and expanding our community outreach efforts" said Todd Mutchler, Director of Public Safety. "The system will be most effective if community members subscribe, so please spread the word about connecting to Nixle.”

Nixle is a free service that alerts citizens to public safety issues, emergencies, and community events via the web, mail and by texting on mobile telephones. Subscribers have the option of being alerted via the Internet, their email address or cell phone.
Nixle has three communication categories – community, advisory and alerts. It will primarily be used for advisories—road closures and traffic accidents (impacting travel). Alerts will only be used in the event of an emergency requiring action from the community (severe weather—seek shelter, missing child, police situation requiring residents to seek shelter or assist in some way). 

Residents of Northville Township and those in neighboring communities can immediately begin receiving pertinent information via text message, email, and web by registering at

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