Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions

The following information provides an overview of the various boards and commissions that exist within the Charter Township of Northville. These bodies provide an opportunity for citizens to participate in their local government and at the same time help to insure that the Board of Trustees receives a broad spectrum of public input. Citizen involvement in local affairs is essential in keeping the township responsive to the needs of its citizens.

Anyone interested in applying for membership to one of Northville Township's boards or commissions should complete an application and return it to the Township Clerk's office.


Beautification Commission (three year term)
Current Members

Scott Frush (Board Liaison)
James T. Morche' (Co-Chair)
Lynne Mosteller (Co-Chair)
Lora Cash
Nancy Grandilio
Sally Hayes
Sue Hillebrand
Dotti Mack
Julie Mantay
Julianne Mundy
Sharon Smith

Visit the Beautification Commission page to learn more information.

Board of Review (two year term)
Current Members
Buolus Ghraib
Joseph LoPiccolo
Walter Pytlak
Carl Schleh
Douglas Wesley
Joyce K. Whelan

Visit the Board of Review page for more information.

Building Authority (three year term)
Current Members
Tom Casari
Todd Mutchler
Joseph Vig

Economic Development Corp & Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (six year term)
Current Members
William Bufe
Scott Frush (Board Liaison)
Matthew Heron
Joe Hige
Mark C. Knoth
Mike Nolta
Jim Petrie
Joseph Vig
Janice Wilkiemeyer

Visit the Economic Development Corporation and Brownfield Redevelopment Authority pages to learn more information.

Ethics Board (three year term)
Current Members
Marguerite Aramian
William Bufe
Charles Nicholas
Jim Tishkowski
Kimberly Winnik

Historic District Commission (three year term)
Current Members
Marjorie Banner, Clerk (Board Liaison)
Shana Maitland
John Palmer
Diane Rosone
Robin E. Schleh
Fred Shadko, Trustee
William Sivy

Visit the Historic District Commission page to learn more information.

Northville Youth Network (NYN) (three Year term)
Current Members
Mindy W. Herrmann, Trustee (Board Liaison)
Nadine Harris
Amy Knoth
Amy Prevo
Ann Goolsby
Libby Smith

Visit the Northville Youth Assistance page to learn more information.

Parks and Recreation (no term)
Current Members
Robert Nix, Chairperson, Township Supervisor
Symantha Heath, Township Trustee
Mindy Hermann, Township Trustee
Brian Turnbull, Mayor
Council Member
School Representative

Visit the Parks and Recreation page for more information.

Planning Commission (three year term)
Current Members
Fred Shadko, Trustee (Board Liaison)
Lisa Anderson (Liaison to ZBA)
Timothy Guerriero
Eric Lark
George J. McCarthy
Jayne Watson
Timothy Zawodny

Visit the Planning Commission page for more information.

Senior Advisory Council - Northville area (three year term)
Current Members
Mindy W. Herrmann, Trustee (Board Liaison)
Richard Brown
Jan Purtell
Robert Lipmyer
Dory Schmidt

Visit the Senior Services page for more information.

Zoning Board of Appeals (three year term)
Current Members
Symantha Heath, Trustee (Board Liaison)
Eric Lark (Planning Commission Liaison)
Brian J. Doren
Joseph LoPiccolo
Gary Sixt
Paul Slatin
Paul Smith 

Visit the Zoning Board of Appeals page for more information.